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About John Gorla

John Gorla began his full-time career in financial services in 1969, after earning his degree in psychology and business management from St. Louis University, Missouri.  During the course of his career, he has worked with major domestic banks, handling mid-mart accounts.  In 1986 he joined a national firm dealing with major banks and their most valued clients.  

In 1990, he started an independent planning practice specializing in sophisticated asset protection and tax minimization strategies.

In 1991 he began studying the Law, the statutes, codes and Court decisions, the Rights of the People over their elected servants, and how to defend his rights when the government or their agents or assigns overstep their granted authority.

In September of 2009, John Gorla met and began working with Robert E. Schaefer helping those in situations that required legal research to defend their natural rights, as secured, not granted, by the original Constitution for the united States of America, c. 1791, with its Bill of Rights.  Some of the areas he researches are foreclosures, tax issues (federal and state), traffic issues, protecting land and the appurtenances of people being attacked by the local code enforcement or property tax assessors. He has extensive experience in the perfection of the people holding the deed, grant deed, trust deed or warranty deed on real property under the genuine land patent.

In 1995 John Gorla was trained by a very large California law firm.  He has worked with individuals, and with small and multi-billion dollar market value companies with their strategic planning.

In 2018 he joined Walter Chek and is supporting his needs when the amount of work is greater than one man can accommodate.  They work closely on helping the needy defend their rights with legal research, NOT legal advice, specific to their situation.

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