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The American legal system may be the greatest ever, but it was not working very well for me.  I had been trying to reach a fair settlement for a tough legal and financial battle, for 8 years.  Attorneys seemed to only be interested in cases where they could grab a fast buck while not having to face any real conflict with the status quo.  I found a world filled with internet gurus and quack counselors with lots of theories but no substance.  As soon as I learned to defeat the adversary with my acquired knowledge of the law, they started beating me with rules and procedures.  Then, when I effectively used the rules against them, the court decided that the rules don’t matter!  Walter Chek quickly taught me how to litigate with effect!  It is absolutely a fact that, as the saying goes, “If you don’t know your rights, you don’t have any!”  Some work is best left to an expert, who has studied the law, and knows how to apply it.  A close friend had advised me to hire the best expert I could afford, and put my legal issue behind me; and I’m glad that I did.
Brian H., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania  March 31, 2019

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