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We have performed legal research for your benefit including, but not limited to:


Civil Law Suits

Traffic Tickets

False Arrest

If you are like most people, you will probably find that helpful information, which is also reliable, is hard to find, especially dealing in the area of law.  We have worked diligently to provide  legal information that is useful and reliable, but also comes from "outside of the box".  We are not attorneys, but legal researchers.  

We are not attorneys. 
We do not give legal advice.
We provide Self-Help Legal Research at Your Specific Direction.

There is no "license" required to do legal research.  We have found that nearly all presentments and statements made against you are not properly supported according to law with testamentary documentation in support thereof.  This is the  first major premise, with your demand for their claim and proof of claim, with their testamentary documentation,  of their lawful authority which requires your money, labor, service and/or property be given to them,  as a duty or obligation to them in conformance with their sworn oath and bond of  office.

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Debt Collection Issues

Credit Card Issues





We help with with finding correct responses to your various legal issues which could arise.  We do our legal research in order to answer the various questions on how you can properly reply to notices, orders and demands for goods, services and/or payment which can be made upon you without proper authority.

There are not only Constitutional issues that need to be addressed, but also the need of removing yourself from the position of "person", "citizen", "inhabitant", "individual" and other terms denoting a fictional entity or public official and from their alleged "jurisdiction".  This requires your education, by understanding these legal terms and procedures, in order increase your opportunity to be successful.  We can help you to find out what you need to see and do to be successful.

Another example is knowing the difference between a "trial by jury" in court procedure instead of a hearing titled "jury trial".  Most people do not know the differences and consequences of each procedure.


We will be engaging in weekly presentations dealing with law using an audio visual format , where each of you are invited to attend.  The announcement will be made as to the day and time that said presentations will be available.



"While having known Walter for only a short time, he has become an invaluable resource for me, and has always had a willingness  to share his wealth of knowledge on a myriad of subject matters.


There are many other self proclaimed "legal guru's" out there and it is hard to discern between who is genuinely concerned about  their clients best interest and welfare and who is just looking to grab a quick buck. You will find that Walter is quick to return your calls, quick to try and find solutions and best of all, he will work with just about any budget depending on your needs.


All in all, I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking an advocate that can help you deal with just about any issue that might require "Thinking Outside the Box" when dealing with the sad state of our current " legal system "."

      April S., Friendswood, Texas

"Because Walt Chek loves freedom and hates injustice, his common law research and experience arms the victim of the overreaching State with legal resources to not only defend themselves against the ultra vires acts of government officers, but equips them to expose the criminal deeds of agency employees who seek the total subjugation of the total man to total government. This work, designed to help the innocent and not the criminal, binds judges down with the chains of the Constitution. I highly recommend you study his material and use applicable principles to take a pro-active stand against disintegrating justice in the land of legal tyranny."         (Dr. Storm Brooks, Edgewood, New Mexico).


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ABOUT Walter Chek

My educational background consists of an A.A.S. degree in Electronics and a B.B.A. degree in Economics, from which I graduated cum laude.  The important area of my studies pertaining to my current work has been from being self taught, in the primary areas of database design engineering and the study of law.  I have engaged in several major database designs, including the area of common law.

I have been  engaged in the study of common law and commercial law for over twenty years, while helping numerous people with their various legal issues which they are confronted with.  I have developed several types of documents, some of which you might of heard of, such as the "Silver Bond", the "Affidavit To File Impecuniously", the "Common Law Database",  to name a few.  My main thrust is helping people to understand their lawful status as a man or woman, who cannot represent themselves as entities and appear for entities who are created as constructive trusts without their consent.  There is some education involved to resolve the way people think in order to engage in creative solutions to these problems.

I have been engaged in creative solutions to these types of legal issues which direcly confronts statements of attorneys, demanding claim and proof of claim of each of their presentments, with the demand for their authority to make said presentations.





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